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The advice and support for my skin was SO helpful, I was more than happy to give this product a go. Early days so far, but it is frangrance free and super light which is great because I use it in conjunction with other gorgeous products and I dont want to lose the smell and sensation of those. I am definitely breaking out less and looking forward to seeing how my skin looks in a couple months :D Thanks!!

Moisture Plus

This is one of the best things I have put on my face. It is the last thing that goes on as part of my evening skin care and I've noticed how much better my skin looks and feels every morning since using this product. It is so moistursing, but it doesn't cause my skin to feel oily and gross like some previous oil based products I have tried. Super happy with this!


I really love the smell and feel of this serum. Honestly feels like taking a vit C tablet but on my face! I can feel it doing good and my skin is looking brighter after a couple of weeks daily use.

Potent Eye Cream
Kate Campbell
Great Value!

This product is so gorgeous to use. It smells so good and because you don't need much it will just last so long! Fantastic value.


I love the smell and feel of this product.

Light and bright!

I hadn't bothered using a cleanser in the past decade or so because I felt like they either oversold on promises that were never delivered or felt like a chemical peel. I enjoy using this cleanser so much! It feels really smooth and light, smells amazing. I actually look forward to my skin care routine now.

Potent Renewing Cream
kerry collins
Moisture plus

I bought this beauty by accident.It is a heavier product than I am used to using,but my less than youthful skin is really loving it.Of course with all Antibeauty the product smells delicious.Thanks for your wonderful products and customer service.

Favourite cleanser

This is my favourite! Leaves my face feeling soft and clean without being harsh. I prefer foam cleaners and this hit the mark. Will purchase again.

Love love love

Absolutely love this product! It smells amazing and I’ve received so many comments on my face since using AntiBeauty products

Potent Vitamin C Serum
Antonia Gambi
Vit C

Love this Serum. Smell isn't over powering. Only a little required & adds to perfection with my morning Antibeauty morning routine

Potent Ageless Elixir
Debbie Wootton
Happy Happy

I find this product most hydrating for my skin. Not too heavy like some oils.
Light weight. I mix it with my potent renewing cream. Now on my second bottle. Very 😃 happy.


Absolutely love how it feels in my skin and the moisturiser is so light and perfect!


My skin feels so good! It’s hydrated all the time, loving these products.

Saturate Serum

I love this serum, makes my skin glowing! ☺️


I am obsessed with this toning mist, it smells great and I get so many compliments on my skin after using AntiBeauty products. I’m someone who generally has good skin so I didn’t expect to get multiple comments on how great it looks. Highly recommend.

Detox Pink Clay Mask
Kate Campbell
So light and boy does it work!

I love the smell, and I love that I can mix my own amount. It took a try or two to perfect the texture and amount I like for my face and neck. Within a few days of my first use the detox really began, all the deeper dirt made an appearance and it actually felt so good to know it was not longer in my skin!! I now use this mask once or twice a week and it feels lovely. My skin is definitely clearing up :) Also this stuff just washes away so easily, its not gunky or thick like some others I have tried.

Refreshed & renewed x a billion

I am not sure what I love more, the smells of this incredible product or the packaging that reminds me I am doing good for myself and the planet. To me, both are so important and intrinsically connected. What we feed our skin matters but so does where the product comes from and the footprint associated with it. Antibeauty products tick all the boxes for me!

Potent plant power

I am used to serums feeling a little thick and greasy but this one is gorgeous. Light and easy to apply, it smells delicious and I feel more delicious after using too!

Fragile love

I have been using the fragile cream cleanser for a few months and I am so glad!!! My skin has a tendency to dry out, especially in winter but I have not experienced that at all. I’ve so enjoyed using these products and creating a lovely morning and evening ritual of loving and tending to my fragility! It’s all to be celebrated and my skin looks more radiant because of this!

Reveal Enzyme Moisturising Lotion

Absolutely love the Reveal range Moisturising Lotion. I use it after my shower before bed and in the morning as i walk out the door... only the smallest pump needed so it definitely lasts and worth the money you spend!
Highly recommend giving it ago if you have troublesome skin!

Reveal Enzyme Gel Cleanser

Absolutely love the Reveal range Gel Cleanser. It leaves my skin feeling smooth and fresh after i use it in the shower. Highly recommend giving it ago if you have troublesome skin!

TLC for fragile times!

Goodness me, TLC! I didn't realise how my skin had been reflecting my current state of stress and worry. And then I met Benjamin and ANTIBEAUTY. Benjamin kindly suggested what potions would be appropriate for my fragile skin and I feel like for the first time ever, I have had results that matched the promise. I love everything about what antibeauty stands for...but that wasn't enough. I had to see it and smell it (chemical laden products make my brain ache) and use it for myself. I have been beyond thrilled with the results and it truly feels so good to invest in the dreams of a like minded and hearted person like Benjamin. So grateful!

REVEAL YO'SELF... I am using the reveal range

Antibeauty has a brilliant range of wholesome skin cleansing products. I am currently using the Reveal Range and love it.
I am terrible at a good beauty regime, but since i started using this company's product a couple of weeks ago its actually inspired me to take the 2 minutes out to give my skin a real boost long term! If you are like me, i suggest you give this stuff a go to, you wont regret it.
Plus side (just to name a few) vegan friendly, HRT friendly and locally owned/operated

Treat yourself!

For something that doesn’t look, feel or smell like your stereotypical cleanser this stuff is a dream. I was skeptical since I’d never used a cream cleanser before but I’m glad I tried it! It literally it luxury in a bottle. The cleanser is thick, decadent, smells great and cleanses like a dream, so much that after rinsing my skin is baby soft and smooth even without having applied any of the other products from this range. Marketed toward those with sensitive type skin, this is a great product for any skin type and anyone who is seeking a gentle but effective facial cleanser. Treat yourself to a little bit of luxury at a really decent price, you won’t regret it.

Skincare Luxury!

I thought I would give the potent ageless bundle a go since I've loved the reveal enzyme range and wow! Antibeauty hasn't disappointed at all! The cleanser is milky, creamy and feels oh so good when you're cleansing your face. The toner is floral, moisturising and light just like the other Antibeauty toners. The serum and moisturiser are great! Bit different to the reveal toner & moisturiser but I am absolutely loving it and how it's made my skin feel so soft, silky & hydrated after a week of using it - I've been a bit lazy this week just gone so my routine has been lax. But again as with my other reviews, this moisturiser is light & absorbs quickly. The kit is a little bit different to what I like in terms of how it feels on my face but my skin is loving it and the dryness thanks to winter was eliminated with virtually the first use. If you are in the market for a new skincare routine check it out, Antibeauty has something for everyone for every time of year.