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      • Why should I choose AntiBeauty?

          We are sick of companies not producing items in ethical ways, and using negative marketing tactics to influence their customers to purchase.
          AntiBeauty prides itself of being an extremely ethical company.

          All of our products are hand made in small batches and not left sitting in warehouses. 

          We also support the LGBTQI+ community and understand that they are not represented in the beauty industry and plan to change that!

          All AntiBeauty products are:
          - Vegan
          - Organic where possible
          - Sustainably and Ethically produced
          - Cruelty free
          - Free from synthetics
          - Free from parabens
          - Free from SLS
          - Australian handmade
          - Australian owned
          - Carbon Neutral (We plant trees with Ecologi to offset our business, we also use Sendle for delivery who are Carbon Neutral)

          And finally you will be supporting a small local business! Thankyou in advance!

      • Are you an Australian company?

          Yes, AntiBeauty is proudly Australian Owned, Produced, and Operated.

          We do however ship our products Internationally!

      • Where are your products made?

          All of our products are handmade at our lab in Australia.

      • How do you source your ingredients?

          We locally source all of our ingredients from some amazing premium and ethical suppliers.
          A lot of our ingredients are also naturally grown and harvested native Australian ingredients with tried and tested beneficial properties.

      • What is the shelf life of your products?

          Our products all have an 18 month shelf life excluding our: Hyaluronic Acid Serum, Collagen Serum, Exfoliating Masks and Toning Mists which all have a 12 month shelf life.

          All products must be used within 6 months of opening.

          This is due to the fact that we use no synthetic preservatives, which have potentially harmful effects on the skin. Our products are 100% free of Parabens, Phthalates, Synthetics, Sulphates & Petrochemicals

      • Do you use preservatives?

          Do we use preservatives?

          We utilize a few diverse conservation strategies for various reasons here at AntiBeauty. Preservatives are a significant portion of formulas of cosmetics and are extremely important to secure the item for safe use.


          Following are the preservatives we use:


          Lemon Myrtle Extract - Our Lemon Myrtle Extract is an infusion. The Lemon Myrtle is removed and steeped in an Organic Alcohol, it becomes a mixture of Organic Alcohol and Anti-bacterial Lemon Myrtle that fills in as the preservative.


          Aloe Vera Extract - Our Aloe Vera Extract is a potion, which is removed and dipped in an Organic Alcohol, the Organic Alcohol is what fills in as the conservation agent for the product.


          Hydroxymethylglycinate - Hydroxymethylglycinate is extracted from the naturally occurring amino corrosive, glycine. This additive is applied in very little concentrations of just 0.5% permitting more space in the item for dynamic ingredients.


          Olive Leaf, Thyme and Rosemary Extract - A specific assortment of anti-microbial home grown herbal essences. These spices are removed and immersed in an Organic Alcohol, the blend of these antibacterial spices joined with the Organic Alcohol goes about as the preserving agent.


          Potassium Sorbate - Potassium Sorbate is for the most part utilized as a food additive, however it can likewise be utilized in regular skincare items. Potassium Sorbate is a derived salt and is gentle, in-toxic and non-stimulating.


          Leuconostoc Ferment Filtrate - Leuconostoc Ferment Filtrate is gotten from Radish Root. This common additive likewise assists with skin hydration.


          Items that don't contain water, also called anhydrous items, do not require preservation. This incorporates our facial oils, exfoliating scrubs and crystals. The absence of water closes the door on the development of microorganisms and bacteria.

      • Are your products tested on animals?

          One of the major reasons AntiBeauty was formed was due to the prevention of animal cruelty in the industry. So no we absolutely do not and we do not condone this horrible practice. In fact AntiBeauty products are all also 100% Vegan.

      • Are your products Vegan?

          Yes, all AntiBeauty skincare is 100% Vegan.

      • Are your products Certified Organic?

          We do use certified Organic products where possible, as noted in our ingredients list. We however are not and do not claim them to be certified.

      • What do each of your products do?

          Cleansers - Remove Dirt, Makeup and Pollutants.

          Toners - Hydrate; keep bacteria and germs off the skin (note that our toners don’t include alcohol which tend to dry out the skin)

          Serums - Oils: nourish and repair . Gels: hydrate (some also lightly exfoliate)

          Moisturisers - Stop moisture from escaping; protect the skin

          Exfoliators - Remove dead skin cells so the skin can absorb other products

          Eye Cream - Reduce puffiness; prevent fine lines; hydrate.

          Masks - Draw out impurities; hydrate

      • When and how often should I use my products?

          We recommend the following:

          Cleansers - In the Morning & Night - Daily

          Toners - In the Morning, Night and throughout the day as needed - Daily

          Serums - In the Morning & Night - Daily

          Moisturisers - In the Morning & Night - Daily

          Exfoliators, Peels and Masks - As part if your normal routine - 1 to 2 times a week.

          Day Cream - In the Morning - Daily

          Night Cream - At Night - Daily

      • Which Serums and Oils work best for my skin type?
      • What order should the products be used in?

          The best skincare routine consists of cleansing, then toning, then applying your oil/serum and then moisturising.
          After this you would also apply your eye cream.
          If you are planning to exfoliate or use a mask, this would be done once or twice a week after cleansing.

      • Can your product ranges be mix and matched?

          Definitely, in fact our CEO has combination skin so used a variety of the products for his specific needs. If you are confused about what products to try, just contact us and we will be happy to assist!

      • Which of your products are unscented?

          Most of our products are slightly scented. We do have 3 products being released later in the year which are unfragranced. We will announce these when they arrive.
          We get constant feedback about how beautiful and light the scents of our product are!

      • Can your Potent Vitamin A Serum be used during the day time?
      • Which product can help with skin pigmentation?
      • Are any of your cleansers transparent?

          Our Saturate and Fragile Cleansers are both milky white, the Reveal Enzyme Gel Cleanser is transparent and orange (this varies based on the batch)

      • Which product works best for people with redness in their skin?

          We would recommend using our Fragile Botanical Range, Especially the Fragile Botanical Repairing Serum.

      • Which products do you recommend for Rosacea?

          We suggest the following regime:

          -Fragile Botanical Cream Cleanser.
          -Fragile Botanical Toning Mist.
          -Detox Pink Clay Mask.
          -Potent Active Hyaluronic Acid Serum.
          -Fragile Botanical Repairing Serum.
          -Fragile Botanical Moisturising Lotion.

      • Which product is great for blackheads?

          We recommed using our Reveal Enzyme Gel Peel for powerful results and our Reveal Enzyme Regulating Serum for daily reduction.

      • What is your heaviest moisturiser?

          Our Potent Active Peptide Cream (Coming Soon!).

      • What’s a great brightening product?

          Our Potent Active Vitamin A Serum (Coming Soon!)

      • Do you sell any body products?

          Not yet, we definitely plan to in the future.
          You can also use our Potent Peptide Cream (Coming Soon!) as a hand lotion.

      • Which serum is best for oily skin?

          The Saturate Native Hydrating Serum or Reveal Enzyme Regulating Serum are best.

      • Which is your lightest exfoliator?

          Our Dertox Fine Exfoliating Crystals (Coming Soon!).

      • Why does your Detox Pink Clay Mask need to be mixed with water?

          As we don’t use preservatives in our products, clay needs to stay totally dry until it is ready to use. The benefit of this, is that you’re not paying for water!

      • Why do your exfoliators need to be mixed with a toner or water?

          Similarly to the reason our Clay Mask needs water. We do not use synthetic preservatives so to activate the active ingredients, you need to mix before use.
          We actually think this is far better than premixed products as you aren’t paying for the liquid content.

      • Are all your products safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women to use?

          No, our Potent Active Vitamin A Serum (Coming Soon!) and Potent Active Multi Vitamin Serum (Coming Soon!) are not safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women to use.

      • Do you have any products for babies and children?

          Unfortunately our products cannot be used on young skin due to the use of concentrated essential oils.
          Teenagers can absolutely use our products though.
          In fact some of our products are designed to work really well with skin going through hormonal changes and even HRT (Hormone replacement therapy)

      • Do you have a men’s range?

          All of our products are 100% gender free. Gendered products are generally marketing hype. Our products are suitable for almost all people. We will note that our Fragile range has a slightly floral scent, but doesn’t everyone love the smell of flowers?
          Men… a quick note… Clean skin is something everyone should strive for! Taking care of your appearance is something that you will realise changes your whole life once you start.

          On this note, we just want to remind you that AntiBeauty embraces your gender, sexuality, ethnicity, uniqueness, we love ALL of you...

          We also have ranges which work perfectly for those undergoing HRT (Please contact us if you need more information or advice)

      • Do you have skincare for Trans / Transgender skin?

          YES! AntiBeauty has ensured that our products take into account the changes that your skin undergoes when going through Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT / H.R.T).

          We recommend the use of our Reveal range for those transitioning from Female birth gender, and the use of our Fragile range for those transitioning from Male birth gender.

          This is due to the fact that an increase in testosterone generally caused oily and problematic skin due to increased oil production and conversely the increase of estrogens, antiandrogens, progestogens and gonadotropin cause skin to become more delicate and sensitive.

          Please note that none of our products are pharmaceutical grade or provide benefits other than an effective skincare routine for the transition of your skin type.
          We are also not doctors and recommend confirming any changes to your skincare routine with your doctor or HRT specialist.

      • Do any of your products contain palm oil?

          We don’t use pure palm oil in any of our products but essentially all emulsifiers are derived from Palm Oil.
          The cream based products that do contain those derivatives are ethically sourced from Orangutan friendly suppliers.

      • Can I buy samples?

          Unfortunately as an extremely new brand, we do not have samples available for purchase as the process to create and package them is very expensive. We are also worried about the negative effects on sampling and the environment.
          We are looking into ways around this and will keep you updated.

          We can do you one better though, We are that proud of our products that we offer a 30 day money back guarantee...
          We don't know many skincare brands who offer that!

      • Is AntiBeauty stocked in any retail outlets?

          We are currently in talks with multiple salons around Australia, we will keep you updated.

      • Does AntiBeauty Wholesale?

          Yes, Please contact us at Support@AntiBeauty.Com for wholesale enquiries one of our friendly staff will be in touch as soon as possible.

      • I want to stock AntiBeauty, how do I do this?

          Please contact Support@AntiBeauty.Com with your salon details and requirements and one of our friendly staff will be in touch as soon as possible.

      • What payment types do you offer?

          AntiBeauty offers a very wide selection of payment options including Shopify Pay, Paypal, Afterpay and Humm.

          We are also happy to offer Bank Transfer if required, Please contact us at Support@AntiBeauty.Com for further information.

      • Do your products come with boxes?

          We have made the decision to not individually box our products to help save on environmental waste.

          We do however box our packs and larger orders in custom recycled and recyclable boxes.

      • Are your products suitable for those with Gluten intolerance?

          The following AntiBeauty products contain Gluten:
          Fragile Botanical Cream Cleanser (Can be substituted for our Saturate Native Milky Cleanser)

          Vitamin E:
          AntiBeauty uses Soy Bean derived Vitamin E. This has little chance of causing an issue as Soy is generally gluten free.
          The following products contain Vitamin E:
          Fragile Botanical Toning Mist
          Fragile Botanical Moisturising Lotion
          Potent Active Ageless Elixir
          Saturate Native Toning Mist
          Reveal Enzyme Gel Cleanser
          Reveal Enzyme Toning Mist
          Reveal Enzyme Regulating Serum

          PLEASE NOTE:

          Realistically the amount of gluten used is minimal in most beauty products. Generally to cause a gluten issue it would take ingesting a large quantity of grains containing gluten to cause a problem. However as we are not licensed medical professionals we would recommend the customer doing their own research as we offer no guarantees.

    • Shipping & Delivery
      • Do you ship internationally?

          Yes, AntiBeauty ships to every country in the world!

      • What are your shipping charges?

          AntiBeauty charges the following shipping rates:

          Within Australia:
          Standard Delivery - $9.95
          Express Delivery - $12.95
          Free Delivery for orders over $70 (After any discount is appplied)

          Standard Delivery - $19.95
          Express/Large Delivery - $24.95
          Free Delivery for orders over $90 (After any discount is appplied)

          Please note:
          Shipping prices above are in AUD.

      • How long will my order take?

          If you order an in-stock product delivery within Australia will take between 3-7 business days.

          The following are estimated times for other countries:
          New Zealand (10-20 working days)
          North America, Western Europe, Asia and the Pacific (21-28 working days)
          Rest of the world (25-30 working days)

          The above shipping lengths are worst case scenario!
          (We are taking into account the unpredictability of COVID)

          Please note that if you pre-order an item, the above timing does not take into account product production.

          Please email us at Support@AntiBeauty.Com if you need clarification.

      • Is your shipping insured?

          Yes our shipping is insured for up to $100 (AUD) per delivery. If you encounter any issues with your delivery please contact Support@AntiBeauty.Com ASAP with photographic evidence and your order details.

    • Return & Exchanges
        Do you offer returns?

        We are extremely proud of our products and will provide a refund on the return of the products within 30 days if you are not satisfied with the results.

        Please note that products must be used as consistently and as advised to see results, as with any healthcare product.

        We stand by our products and want to give you ultimate peace of mind, We do require all remaining product to be returned to us at your cost.

        You acknowledge and agree that you are liable for any postage and shipping costs associated with any refund pursuant to this clause.,

        Please email us at Support@AntiBeauty.Com for any return enquiries.

    • Gift Cards
      • Does AntiBeauty offer gift cards?

          You can order by emailing Support@AntiBeauty.Com

          We are currently implementing the feature into our site.

          Thankyou for your patience.

      • How can I order a gift card?

          You can order by emailing Support@AntiBeauty.Com

          We are currently implementing the feature into our site.

          Thankyou for your patience.

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